Double Chap Split Lever Covers

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Double Chap Split Lever Covers
  • Lever cover for Harley motorcycles (Tapered lever) or metric motorcycles (Straight lever), sold in pairs.
  • Thick 8 Oz. quality and smooth buffalo leather, handmade in USA.
  • Mix and match colors for main lever color, laces, and 2nd color for mixed fringe. Choose from 20 different colors.  
  • Optional lever cover fringe length of 10 inch, 12 inch, 20 inch and 36 inch.
  • FREE matching key ring with purchase of lever cover.

  • Get matching grip covers with or without 20 inch fringe sold separately.
  • See also other styles available: Solid Buffalo, Buffalo or Latigo Suede or Snakeskin and Exotics.