Pig Snot 1 gal. Sloppy Soap Sudz

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Pig Snot 1 gal. Sloppy Soap Sudz


SLOPPY SOAP SUDZ: Ya Gotta Wash Your Bike!!

"The ultimate sudz for cleaning anything on wheels. Sloppy Soap Sudz is designed to lift dirt and grime, bird droppings & salt from all your prized painted surfaces without harming the finish or leaving a harmful chemical residue. A highly concentrated formulation, with a blend of special surfactants and cleaning agents, with a gloss/wax enhancer is what sets us apart from all others. Ultra foaming, cherry scented soap sudz easily dissolves in hot or cold water and eliminates spotting, streaking and rinses off easily Pig Snot Sloppy Soap Sudz is phosphate free and non-toxic"

Directions for use: pour 1 - 2 ozs  in bucket of water sudz will be very concentrated at first , then sudz will dissolve but activation has already started, this is good when sudz dissolve as when washing and rinsing you do not want a film of soap left on your ride.

Dont focus on if there's  a lot of sudz,  The activated water will do the job right?