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I think that they will do exactly what they are designed to do. They will protect your crashbars from scuffs and scrapes for those inadvertent occasions you forget to put the kickstand down before you get off the bike. J Because they do what they state they will do, are reasonably priced ($25 or $30) and do not really detract from the appearance of the bike I give them 5 out of 5 stars

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Get a pair of these guards, slip them on and feel secure in knowing that if you drop your bike during the training, you are protected...ProGuards does exactly what it says and they are made in the USA. ProGuards provides a solution to a specific, common problem faced by new riders and experienced riders of both genders. 

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I recently purchased a new 2012 Street Glide. After cleaning the bike and lowering the motorcycle lift to the ground, the bike went over on it's left side. The Pro Guard on the front engine guard worked exactly as advertised. No scratches on the chrome. Thanks. I only wish I had my saddle bags protected as well. Great product!!!

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A novel concept to an on going problem for anyone that rides, I liked the product, they are a great value, and a simple solution, easy to install and maintain

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Thanks for the protectors, they are exactly what it says on the tin would highly recommend.

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